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Using IronSoftware Products: Update Issues with IronPDF

Using IronSoftware Products: Update Issues with IronPDF

We have been using IronSoftware’s product lineup since 2017 and are a happy IronSuite customer. Recently, we updated one of our client’s projects from IronPDF version 2023.6 to 2024.6 and noticed a very unwanted behavior.

Issue with HTTP Requests

After launching the app, the debugger shows several HTTP GET and POST requests to https://licensingapimanager.azure-api.net. This behavior, to our knowledge, is not well documented or stated by IronSoftware. The package submits information like Machine ID, Project ID, and License Keys.

Disabling Analytics

By using “%IronProduct%.License.DisableAnalytics(),” you can prevent those calls from being made. However, you have to declare this for every IronSoftware product that you want to use.

GDPR Compliance

According to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and company-specific privacy rules, this behavior is not an option for our client.

Key Considerations for IronSoftware Users

  1. Documentation Gaps: IronSoftware should improve documentation regarding automatic HTTP requests.
  2. Data Privacy: Users must be aware of potential GDPR compliance issues.
  3. Preventative Measures: Implementing the DisableAnalytics function for each product is necessary.

By addressing these points, we aim to ensure a smooth and compliant experience with IronSoftware products.